Next meeting

The next stated meeting of Edenton Lodge #332 will be on July 21, 2018, at 7:00 PM.

Edenton #332 Lodge Hall

Edenton #332 Lodge Hall
Welcome to our site. Stated meetings are the third Saturday of every month at 7:00 PM

New officers and a new year

The new officers of Edenton lodge are now installed with one exception. They are already planning the activities for the new year.  Below are some pictures from the installation of officers on December 8.
Worshipful Master Patrick A. Cloke
The Worshipful Master with Installing officer Right Worshipful Brother Larry Gillinger
The officers of Edenton Lodge
Immetiately before our stated meeting in January we will have our pre-inspection meeting with our inspecting officer, Right Worshipful Brother Vernon Wagoner.
Some things covered at our Decmber meeting were the new furnace, which is working great, our inspection and the fact we have a number of brethren who have yet to pay their dues.  Every effort will be made to contact each one to see if we can help in any way.
Please come out an visit with the brethren of your lodge.

November, 2012

The annual meeting has come and gone.  The new officers have been elected and will be installed on Saturday, December 8 at 6:30 PM.  The meeting will be open so bring family and friends to watch the ceremony and share in the fellowship.  We had a new Master Mason return his proficiency the same night.  We have one more to examine, hopefully at the meeting in December.  Our inspection date has been set.  It will be February 11, 2013, with dinner at 6:00 PM and the Entered Apprentice degree at 7:00 PM.  Also, we have a number of brethren who have not yet paid their dues for next year.  We have been remitting several for the last couple of years but we can't continue and stay solvent.  If you can't pay your dues let the secretary or one of the brethren know and they will be taken care of.  If we don't hear from you and you haven't contacted the lodge in the last two years you will be suspended.  They are $55.00.  The next meeting will be Dec. 15.  Please plan to be there to support your new officers.


The stated meeting in November will be the election of officers.  Also, dues are due.  They are $55.00.  If you cannot pay contact the secretary at and let him know.  We do not want to suspend anyone who cannot pay.  More news later.

September, 2012

At the September meeting we heard a Fellowcraft degree proficiency given back so now we have a candidate for the outdoor raising on Oct. 6 at 10:00 AM at Charlotte's.  There will be coffee and donuts before the degree starts so come out early.  There is a link to a map at the right.  We also have a special meeting at 9:00 AM on Oct. 6 at the lodge to hear any proficiencies. 
In other news, the electric service to the lodge was upgraded and the new heat pump has been installed.  Due to a generous donation we did not have to dip into our savings to do this.  We should save a significant amount of money with the new system.
Watch for your dues notice the first week or two of October.  They are $55 and are due by the meeting in November.  Come on out to lodge!    

August meeting notes

We were able to confer the Fellowcraft degree on two candidates at our August stated meeting.  Both candidates returned their EA proficiencies in a fine manner.  There were a few things discussed.  The lodge was given a nice financial gift which will help pay for the conversion from our hot water oil boiler to a brand new heat pump.  This should save the lodge a considerable amount of money in the long run.  We also set Oct. 6 at 10 AM for our outdoor raising this year.  It will still be at Charlotte Back's and the directions are at the right.  We'll have coffee and donuts before and lunch after.  At the next stated meeting at least one of our candidates should be ready to give their proficiency.  That's it for now. 

July update

The July meeting was a fairly busy one.  After the regular business was taken care of we received two more petitions that have been referred to investigation committees.  The August 4 pancake breakfast at Stonelick is still on.  This one will be at the beach area near the Antique Machinery Show.  We'll meet at 7 AM and start serving at 8 AM. 
We have been investigating alternatives to our oil fired boiler and the trustees recommended going with a heat pump.  It will connect in with our existing air conditioning duct work and should decrease our utility bills significantly.  After some discussion the members approved the plan.  The trustees will coordinate the work.
The lodge is going to have another outdoor raising this year.  It will be in September or October.  The date will be announced at the next stated meeting.
On August 11 at 6:00 PM we will have a special meeting at the lodge to hear any Fellowcraft proficiencies that are ready.  It won't be a long meeting so there'll be a lot of time for visiting.  Come on out.

Some added info

We did not have the pancake breakfast on the 23rd.  Unfortunately, the shelter at the campground was reserved for another purpose.  We're still on for Aug. 4 at the Antique Machinery Show at Stonelick, though.  Come on out and have breakfast with us and then enjoy the show.  They always have an interesting display of tractors, engines and demos.  Also, at our next stated meeting there is a good possibility we will have at least one Fellowcraft degree.  The lodge is getting busy so come on out and join us.

News from the June meeting

Greetings, Brethren.  The June meeting saw the lodge conferring the Entered Apprentice degree on one candidate.  We also affiliated a brother from Lynchburg Lodge and elected his son to receive the degrees.  That means our membership will grow by at least four new members this year.  The Worshipful Master has set June 30 at 6:00 PM to confer the Entered Apprentice degree on this candidate and the candidate who could not be at the last meeting.  Come on out and watch the officers perform the ritual on these two candidates. 
Also of note is that the lodge will be having a pancake breakfast at the Stonelick Lake campground on June 23 at 8:00 AM.  We'll set up at 7 AM.  We do this a couple of times a year to raise a little money for the lodge and the Friends of Stonelick.  We will also have a pancake breakfast on August 4 at the beach area of Stonelick Lake in conjunction with the Clermont County Antique Machinery Show.
Here's a plug for the Order of the Eastern Star.  On August 4, 2012, the District 22 OES will have an event at the Clermont County Fairgrounds to raise money for Hospice of Hope.  There will be several activities with the Van Dells providing the climax at 7 PM.   Admission to their show will be $25 for preferred seating and $20 general admission.  Please support this worthwhile endeavor.  Thus far this annual event has raised more than $57,000.
Our next stated meeting will be on July 21 at the regular time.  If any of the candidates are ready we may do the Fellowcraft degree on them.  We've been having good attendance at our meetings.  We would like to see you there.

June, 2012

We did not confer an Entered Apprentice at our meeting in May.  Our candidate was called in to work.  That happens.  We did, however, vote on another petition so now we have two Entered Apprentices to do.  That means that we will have an EA at the stated meeting in June.  We will also have one at a special meeting called for June 30 at 6:00 PM.  Also at our stated meeting in June we will be voting on another petition as well as a petition for affiliation.  That is 4 new members so far.  It's shaping up to be a busy summer.  On June 23 at 8:00 AM the lodge will be having our first pancake breakfast at the campground at Stonelick Lake.  We'll meet at 7 AM to get things going.  We split the proceeds with the Friends of Stonelick to help them maintain the campground and other areas of the park.  We hope to do another one at the Stonelick antique machinery show  in August.  More on that later.  Also, the Worshipful Master and our Lodge Education Officer presented Worshipful Brother Fred Kuhnhenn his 60 year service award recently.  He thanked them for meeting him since he cannot get to the lodge anymore.  Congratulations to him for this acheivement.  On another note, Worshipful Brother John Mccollum presented the lodge with a new set of officer's aprons.  They are beautiful.  Come on out and see them.  I hope to see you at lodge soon.


At our next meeting we will have an Entered Apprentice degree.  We will also be voting on a petition.  It's looking like we'll be having a busy summer.  On a sad note, Vivian Dobbs passed away this past week.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

April update

RWB Norm Mick, Bro. Michael Howard, WBro. John McCollum and WBro. Scott Johnson
March 24 was a memorable date for Edenton Lodge.  John McCollum received what very few Masons have received, a 70 year service award.  RWBro. Norm Mick, Grand Senior Warden of the Grand Lodge of Ohio was on hand to present this and other awards at the lodge's annual Awards and Widow's night.  A fine meal was served at 6:00 and all enjoyed good fellowship before proceeding upstairs for the award presentations.  Along with John's 70 year award, Bro. Ernie Brummett received his 50 year service award and WBro. Dwayne Bicknell and Bro. Michael Howard received 25 year awards.  I'll post more pictures when I receive them.
At our March meeting we received a petition for degrees and we should vote on it at the April 21 meeting.  This will mean degree work and that always makes for an enjoyable time at lodge.  Join us if you can.  More later.
Bro. Earnie Brummett receiving his 50 year award from RWBro. Mick with his son, grand daughter and great grandson looking on.

March News

March has not started off well.  The recent storms have affected some of our brethren here in the Sixth District as well as in other areas of the country.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to them and the lodges that will mobilize to help them.  I am sure appeals will be coming in to our lodge and we will help as much as we can. 
The Worshipful Master, Scott Johnson, has set March 24 at 6:00 PM as Awards and Widow's night for this year.  We have a number of awards to present this year, including a 70 year award to Worshipful Brother John McCollum.  A letter will be sent to all the award receipients and our widows.  Dinner will be at 6:00 with the awards ceremony starting afterwards.  Brethren from other lodges are invited as well as their families.  Right Worshipful Brother Norm Mick, Senior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge, will be attending to represent the Grand Master on this important occasion.
Our next stated meeting will be on March 17 at 8:00 PM.  Come on out and enjoy some fellowship with your brethren.

February news

The inspection season is in full swing and ours will be February 24.  Dinner will be at 6:00 PM and the Master Mason degree will start at 7:00 PM.  And so the officers will be ready the Worshipful Master has set a practice for 6:00 PM before our next stated meeting on the 18th.  Come on out early and watch us.  Once the inspection is out of the way the lodge will be setting dates for other activities, including Awards and Widows night.  We have a 70 year, 60 year and some 50 year awards to give out this year.  A letter will be sent to those receiving awards when the date is set.  The officers and brethren hope you can make it.  The brethren also send out their thoughts and prayers for the brethren killed and injured in the tragic accident on January 31 near New Richmond as well as their families.