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The next stated meeting of Edenton Lodge #332 will be on July 21, 2018, at 7:00 PM.

Edenton #332 Lodge Hall

Edenton #332 Lodge Hall
Welcome to our site. Stated meetings are the third Saturday of every month at 7:00 PM

February, 2016

Our February meeting is now history and we have another new Entered Apprentice.  The lodge also looks to have another candidate ready for our inspection.  Your officers are working hard to put on good degrees and it showed on the 20th.  Our pre-inspection will be April 6 at 7:00 PM.  The typewritten ritual will be there so if you have been wondering about anything in the ritual you can get answers then.  Since we did not have much business, other than authorizing the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner, the meeting was a quick one.  If you want to go the the Grand Master's reception this year it will be May6 at Norlyn Manor in Batavia.  It will be $25 per person and reservations need to be made with the lodge.  After April 1st the cost will be $35 per person.  There is a social hour starting at 6:00 PM with dinner served at 7:00 PM.  Our lodge is sponsoring the Deputy Grand Master, Douglas Kaylor, this year.  He has been of great help to our lodge in times of need.  The last thing I would like to report on is the Lodge Education Officer's program.  He presented a program on Masonic odes.  Apparently, in ages past, Masons did a lot of singing.  There were numerous ones but I would like to share one with you.  It was written by Giles P. Yates and sung to Auld Lang Syne:

Behold how pleasant and good
For Brethren such as we,
Of the united Brotherhood, To dwell in unity.
'Tis like the oil on Aaron's head,
Which to his feet distills,
Like Hermon's dew so richly shed
On Zion's sacred hills.

For there the Lord of Light and Love
A blessing sent with power:-
Oh may we all this blessing prove
Even life forever more.
On Friendship's altar, rising here,
Our hands now plighted be,
To live in love with hearts sincere, 
In peace and unity.

Until next time, peace be with you all, my brethren.

January, 2016

There is not a lot to report on this month.  We did vote for a new candidate and we will be exemplifying the Entered Apprentice degree at 6:30 PM before our February 20 stated meeting.  We are also in the thick of inspection season and if you would like to attend some check out the Sixth District's blog.  I hope to see you at the meeting.  Also, check your dues card.  If it says 2015 then you haven't paid your dues yet.