Next meeting

The next stated meeting of Edenton Lodge #332 will be on July 21, 2018, at 7:00 PM.

Edenton #332 Lodge Hall

Edenton #332 Lodge Hall
Welcome to our site. Stated meetings are the third Saturday of every month at 7:00 PM

December, 2015

Our first stated meeting with the new officer corps was held on the 19th.  As they work to adjust to their new duties it is apparent the lodge is in good hands.  The Worshipful Master has an active year planned and the events will be announced as they get closer.  It also appears that we will be busy doing degree work in the coming months.  We will be doing a Fellowcraft on January 9 at 7:00 PM and an Entered Apprentice degree at 6:00 PM before our next stated meeting on January 16.  We also received a new petition that is currently in the investigation process.  It was with sadness that it was reported that Ruth Ann Werner, widow of Bro. Richard M. Werner SR., passed away after a lingering illness.  At the November meeting of the Sixth Masonic District Association meeting our junior past Worshipful Master, Chris Hunt, was elected president.  I am sure he will do a fine job.
As we enter the Christmas season let us each remember the reason we celebrate.  I wish everyone a safe and prosperous new year.  See you at lodge.  

Installation of officers

RWB John Cooper, front center, installed the officers of Edenton lodge on December 12.  Our new Master, WB Mike Howard, has a big year planned and every brother of the lodge is encouraged to help out any way they can, even just by showing up and supporting him and the other officers' efforts.

Town Hall Meeting

 Sponsored by the Sixth Masonic District Association
This coming Thursday evening at 7:00 PM at Amelia Lodge will be our 1st ever Town Hall meeting with RWB Rich Dickersheid, Grand Marshall of the Grand Lodge of Ohio.  This will be an open format for us to give suggestions and ask questions about Freemasonry and the future of our Fraternity.  The meeting is open to all Master Masons with a Business Casual Dress code.  Now is the time for All of our Lodges to be represented.

November, 2015

This month was the election of officers and your dues were due.  If your dues card date is anything other than 2016 then you are now in arrears.  Please send them as soon as possible.  The election went pretty well.  Bro. Mike Howard is our new Master.  Please help support him and the lodge in the coming year.  A full list of the officers is located in the right margin of this page.  The officers will be installed in an open ceremony on December 12 at 7:00 PM with a dinner at 6:00 PM.  We also voted on a new petition and will be doing an Entered Apprentice degree in the near future.  The lodge has set December 20 at 4:00 PM for our annual Christmas party.  We will have a dinner and entertainment and a visit from Santa Clause during the evening.  Our annual audit report was read and approved.  The trustees reported that the old lodge hall needs some work and are in the process of getting quotes.  At the end of the evening WB Hunt thanked the brethren for all the support he received during the year.  If all goes as expected WB Hunt will be elected president of the Sixth District on Monday, November 23.  Well, that's it for now.  Come on up and visit us at lodge.

October, 2015

Our October meeting was held and we accomplished some important business.  We accepted a new petition and it is in the hands of an investigating committee.  We also made a charitable donation to a dear friend of one of our brethren.  We are fortunate to have such generous brethren so we can help out those who need a little extra.  We hope that you remember the relief fund when you come to lodge or when you pay your dues.  You should have received your dues notice for the coming year.  If not, let me know.  Also, if you cannot pay your dues let me know that, too.  We'll take care of it.  The trustees met and did an inspection of the lodge and found some things that need to be addressed before winter.  We'll know more about them at the November meeting.  Our Junior Warden is looking into a replacement for our sign at the street.  That will also be a topic at our next meeting, along with the most important item of business, our annual election of officers.  That is also the night dues are due.  Our Lodge Education Officer donated a laminated Master Mason lecture carpet for use at our outdoor degrees, saving wear and tear on our antique carpet.  As you can see we are a busy lodge.  Come out and be with us because the officers need the members' support.
The Sixth District is hosting an evening at the Cincinnati Cyclones at US Bank Arena on November 7.  Tickets are $13 each, with $5 from each ticket going to the District Association.  The next district meeting will be at Amelia Lodge on November 23.  Dinner will be at 7:00 PM and the meeting will start at 7:30.  The Sixth District Thanksgiving morning raising will be at Emery Lodge in Loveland this year.  Coffee and donuts will be served at 6:00 AM and the degree will start at 7:00 AM.

September, 2015

September's meeting was held in the outdoors at Charlotte Back's property at 10:00 AM.  Since we did not have a Fellowcraft ready for his Master Mason we did an Entered Apprentice instead.  The stations were filled with mostly Past Masters of the lodge.  After the degree the lodge took care of only the necessary business before the lodge was closed.  It was announced that the lodge's annual inspection is scheduled for April 27, 2016.  Dinner will be at 6:00 PM and the degree will start at 7:00 PM.  We will be exemplifying the Entered Apprentice degree.  Some other items of note are that Grand Lodge is going to be held in Columbus a week later than normal due to a conflict.  If you intend to go remember to take an apron with you as well as your dues card.  If you would like to attend a Cincinnati Cyclones hockey game and support a worthy cause, mark the date of Saturday, November 7 at 7:30 PM.  Tickets are $13 each and $5 will be donated to the district.  See the Worshipful Master if you are interested.  Money has to be in by November 1.  Also, look for your annual dues notice in the mail soon.  It is that time of year again and they are due by the November 21 stated meeting.  That will also be the election of officers.  Then on December 10, 2015, there will be a "Town Hall" meeting, open to all Masons, at 7:00 PM at the Amelia Masonic Temple to gather ideas about the future of Freemasonry in general and the Sixth District in particular.  The more ideas the better.  I hope to see you in lodge soon.

August, 2015

At our August meeting we elected a new candidate to receive the degrees.  And since we do not have a candidate ready for a Master Mason degree we will be conferring an Entered Apprentice degree at our outdoor degree on September 19 at Charlotte Back's place.  The map to the location is on the right of this page.  I hope to see you there.  in other news we collected $200 from our pancake breakfast at Stonelick Lake on August 8.  We will have another one on September 5, which is the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  With the return of September the business of the lodge will start to ramp up.  Dues notices will be sent out next month as well as doing more degree work and thinking about the election of officers, which is in November.  So come to lodge and support the officers as they continue to make Edenton Lodge one of the finest in the state. 

July, 2015

We raised another candidate July 18.  The degree went well and we are now up another member.  We also have another petition being investigated.  We will be having another pancake breakfast at Stonelick Lake on August 8 and have been invited to have another one on September 5, which is Labor Day weekend.  So, even though the summer is usually a slow time for most lodges, we are still busy.  Remember, the First/Sixth District raising will be August 15 and the Sixth/Seventh District raising will be September 12 at Salem Mound.  Hope to see you in August.

June, 2015

We had a good meeting on the 20th.  We started with a special to confer the Master Mason degree on one candidate.  Thanks to all those who helped.  We'll be doing another Master Mason degree at 6:00 PM before our July 18th stated meeting.  Everything else was just normal business.  There were some announcements made but I am getting this update out too late for them.  I hope to see you at the next meeting.

2015 Awards and Widows

May 30 was set aside to honor our long time members and the wives of our deceased members.  We started with a trip to the Continental Manor nursing home in Blanchester to present WB Herman E. Liming with a 60 year service award at 5 PM.  We caught him eating supper but were able to present him his award.  Since RWB Rodney Kirker was unable to attend RWB George West filled in to represent Grand Lodge.  Below is a picture of WB Liming receiving his award.
RWB George West, WB Herman Liming and WB Chris Hunt, Worshipful Master
The Worshipful Master also presented WB Liming with the John McCollum Award for Masonic Excellence.  This award is presented to brethren that have served the lodge in many ways over the years and is named after the first recipient, WB John McCollum, who made the trip with us.
WB Liming receiving the John McCollum Award for Masonic Excellence

The John McCollum Award for Masonic Excellence
L to R: George West, John McCollum, Al Cloke, Adam Cloke, Herman, Jerry Ross, Tom Allen and Chris Hunt.
At 6:30 the dinner preceding the Awards and Widows night started, with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, various potluck dishes and desserts and iced tea, soft drinks and coffee.  After everyone had eaten the Worshipful Master started making presentations.  One of our new 50 year members, Bro. Norman Nichols, was presented his pin and certificate.

Bro. Norman Nichols

 The Worshipful Master also presented an award to Bro. Gene Bell for attending the Wardens educational program presented by the Sixth District.
The widows that came were recognized and were given a bouquet of flowers in appreciation of their support of their husbands and the lodge.
The wonderful ladies who were able to attend
Jason Hallgarth, magician, entertained the crowd after the presentations were made.  At the close of his performance everyone said their goodbyes and the evening ended.  Everyone expressed that it was a good evening.

May, 2015

After taking care of our normal business discussion centered on our upcoming open house and awards and widows night on May 30.  The lodge hall will be open to the public from 1 to 5 PM with grilled hotdogs and refreshments.  Then we will have our awards and widows night starting at 6 PM with dinner and a magician.  WB Herman Liming is due to get his 60 year service award and Bro's. Chalmer Suttles and Norman Nichols will receive their 50 year awards.  We are also going to try to have at least a couple of pancake breakfasts at Stonelick lake again.  Dates are to be determined.  The Worshipful Master set 6:30 PM prior to our next stated meeting to have a Master Mason degree.  I would also like to add that our Lodge Educational Officer has been presenting some interesting programs on Masonic philosophy, with this meeting's program on William Preston, the writer of the Masonic lectures.  He promises these programs will continue.  Some of our members attended the reconsecration of Clermont Social Lodge in Williamsburg for their 200th anniversary.  It was a fun morning.  I hope to see you at lodge.

April, 2015

We had a Master Mason and an Entered Apprentice each give back their proficiencies, both well done.  Please remember the family of RWB Delbert Martin, WB Herman Liming, RWB Mark Liggett, Josie Hickey and Jean Lewis in your prayers.  Our inspection report was read and commended the lodge for its activities, generosity and degree work.  Special mention was made that our education program is in very good hands.  In fact, the LEO presented a program on the anti-Masonic movement in the early 1800's that continues today.  He has 4 more programs related to this topic that will be given at the next 4 meetings.  A couple of items of note are that we need to continue to add money to our relief fund.  WB Daniel has posted a sheet that tracks money in and donations made.  Please consider a donation if you can.  We are also inviting our widows to attend the Grand Master's reception on May 1 at the Clermont County fairgrounds.  If you would like to attend contact the Worshipful Master for tickets.  The Sixth District is trying to start a DeMolay chapter and needs volunteers to be DADs.  Contact the secretary if you would like more information.  The Sixth District also has a Scottish Rite club, combining the Brown and Clermont county clubs.  On June 6 the club will have their next meeting at Felicity Lodge at 9:00 AM.  Coffee and donuts will be available at 8.  The annual Sixth District golf scramble will be May 16 at Cedar Trace golf course with a shotgun start at 1:30 PM.  The cost is $60 per person, which includes fees, cart, dinner, water and soft drinks.  I can email you a registration form if you need one.  Then, on May 17, the Sixth District family picnic will be held at Sycamore Park in Batavia starting at 1:00 PM.  That's it for now.  See you at lodge.

A member passes, updated

Brethren, it is with sadness I must report the death of RWB Delbert Martin Jr., Past District Deputy Grand Master for the Sixth Masonic district, Past Master of Edenton Lodge #332 and its long-time secretary.  He was living in Arizona to be closer to his children and will be missed by all who knew him. Below is information from the funeral home web site:
RWB Delbert Martin Jr.

Delbert R. Martin Jr, age 91, passed peacefully in his sleep at home on Friday, April 3, 2015.

He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 7, 1923 to Delbert R. and Lorraine Fischer Martin.

He attended Edenton School from first through eighth grade and graduated from Blanchester High School in May, 1942.

When Delbert was 14 and in the eighth grade he got "baseball fever" and played every day and evening until it was dark. He pitched for his high school team as well as the Clermont County Baseball league. He was a lifelong Cincinnati Reds fan.

As a teen in high school he discovered his passion for Amateur Radio. He received his station and operators license for W8VUZ in 1941. He maintained his operators license up until his death. His Amateur Radio license was a great influence on his Navy career and later in his work in research and development for the US Air Force in his government position.

He was a proud WWII veteran and enlisted in the US Navy after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He served as a radio technician stationed in the Admiralty Islands during the Asiatic Pacific campaign and was later discharged as a Petty Officer 1st Class.

After the war, he returned to Edenton where he married his hometown sweetheart, Evelyn Long.
Together they raised three children in a home near Newtonsville on SR 133 that he built himself.

He went to work as a civilian with the Air Force All Weather Flying Division in Wilmington, Ohio and later transferred to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He retired as Branch Chief of Engineering Services at WPAFB in 1978 after 32 years of service.

After his first retirement, he served as Bailiff for Judge Ralph A. Hill in the Clermont County Courts, later working as Bailiff for Judge John Watson. He retired from court service in 1983.

In his retirement he served on the Clermont County Board for MRDD. He was
a proud member of the board when the Donald A. Collins Rehabilitation Center was built. This project was very special to him since his youngest son Randy, receives services there.

Along with his wife Evelyn, he was an active member of the Clermont County Genealogical Society and the Clermont County Historical Society. He and his wife were both proud members of the First Families of Clermont County. They also co-authored the History of Edenton Masonic Lodge #332.

He was longtime member of the Edenton Masonic Lodge #332, serving as Worshipful Master and later appointed District Deputy Grand Master of the Ohio Sixth Masonic District. He was also a member of Royal Arch Masons of Blanchester #153 achieving the degree of Royal Arch Mason and a member of Blanchester Council #114 of Royal and Select Masters achieving the degree of Super Excellent Master. He was also a charter member of Edenton Chapter #560 Order of Eastern Star.

After his wife's passing in 2011, he moved to Tucson, Arizona to be closer to his
children and grandchildren. He was a cherished resident at Freedom Inn Assisted Living and will be missed by his many friends and the staff there.

He was a loving father to Pam (Jim) Steinnecker, Rusty (JoAnn) Martin, and Randy Martin, who all survive him. He was a devoted grandfather to Jenny, Veronica, Mindy, Nathan, Tim and great-grandchildren Hannah, Natalie, Rachel, Erin and Aiden. He was a loyal brother to his sister Betty Martin, who also survives him along with many nieces and nephews.

He was predeceased by his wife of 62 years, Evelyn; his parents Delbert Martin Sr and Lorraine Fischer Martin; his brother Bill Martin and sister Audrey Elliott.

Vistitation will take place at Evans Funeral Home, 1944 State Route 28, Goshen, OH, Saturday, April 11, 2015, 10:30 - 11:30 AM. A graveside service will follow at 12:00 Noon at Edenton Cemetery, Wayne Township, OH.

Memorials in Delbert's honor to Epilepsy Council of Greater Cincinnati, Attn: Cedar Creek Activity Program, 8958 Central Ave. Suite 550, Cincinnati 45202.

2015 Inspection

Our inspection is past and once again the officers and brethren of Edenton lodge performed well.  Bro. Worstell received a very good Master Mason degree.  The official attendance count was 68 but it seemed there were more brethren in attendance than that.  Dinner was pork, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and corn, rolls and dessert.  The Worshipful Master's 4H club served the dinner, helped park cars and cleaned up afterwards.  They did a very good job.  The lodge owes a debt of gratitude to the brethren of Amelia Lodge for supplying the rest of the Fellowcraft team for the second section of the degree.  I am hoping to post a couple of pictures when I receive them.  Now we can concentrate on doing degree work for the other three candidates we have going through right now.  I hope to see you in lodge.

March, 2015

The inspection is less than a week away and it looks like we should be in good shape, if everyone comes that needs to.  Back-up plans are being made.  Amelia Lodge has volunteered to provide walkers for the non-speaking parts.  We thank them wholeheartedly.  It was a short meeting with very little business to discuss.  We did vote on another petition and the vote was favorable.  We'll set another Entered Apprentice degree at our next stated meeting so we can recover from the inspection.  Our newest Fellowcraft returned his proficiency and is ready to go for our inspection.  The lodge is sponsoring an athlete to the Ohio Special Olympics again this year.  The opening ceremony is Friday, June 26, at the Jesse Owens Sports Complex on the Ohio State University campus.  Masons in aprons will lead off the parade.  The Ohio Masonic Home also has some events coming up.  The Miracle Miles for Memory Care golf classic will be Monday, June 1, at Wedgewood Golf Course in Powell, Ohio.  Contact Mark Harris at (419) 878-1814 for details.  Masonic Home Day is Sunday, June 7 and the Fourth Annual Miracle Miles for Memory Care Road Rally is Saturday, August 22, with starting points around the state.  Contact Dan Shirk (937) 926-4305 for more details.  There will also be an informational dinner at the F.O.E. hall in Georgetown on May 27.  Reservations are required and can be made by calling (888) 248-2664 or by visiting  This would be a good time to learn what the mission of the Home is, services they provide and how contributions to the Home are being used.  The Worshipful Master set May30 from 1 til 5 as an open house at the lodge and Awards and Widows night will follow from 6 til ?  More details will follow.  Enjoy the warming weather and I hope to see you in lodge.

Herman Liming

February, 2015

The weather was frightful for our stated meeting but enough of us were there to have a meeting.  We voted on one petition and received another one.  We are going into this year very busy, so come out and watch some degree work.  I'll post the dates in the column at the right as well as below.  The lodge donated $160 to sponsor an athlete to the Ohio Special Olympics, and a couple of other donations were made.  The annual audit report was read, albeit later than we would like.  We tried to keep the meeting short so we wouldn't be out too late.  Some announcements made were:
The typewritten ritual will be at Milford Lodge on March 2 at 7 PM.
There is a practice for our inspection on Feb. 28, March 9 and March 14, all at 7 PM.
We will have an Entered Apprentice degree on March 7, also at 7 PM.
On May 27 at 6 PM at the FOE hall in Georgetown the Ohio Masonic Home is having an informational dinner to explain the services available from the Home and how the contributions we make are used.  You must make a reservation by calling 1-888-248-2664 at least 10 days before the date.  You can also register at
I hope to see you at lodge soon.

Brother passing

It is with sadness that I have to report that Brother Bryan Lewis has passed away.  His family has requested a masonic service at 11:15 AM Wednesday, February 4, at Evans funeral home in Goshen. 

January, 2015

Our stated meeting was a busy one.  We voted on one plural membership, received another member on demit, voted on another petition for degrees and received a new petition for degrees.  Whew!  We are going to be a busy lodge this winter and spring.  Our new officers are settling into their new duties quite well and with our inspection coming up on March 27 it's good that they are.  We had a couple of windows damaged and the trustees are taking care of repairing them.  Brothers Ty Conn and Ron Cornwell made a donation of slippers and scarves to the Ohio Masonic Home in the name of our lodge, which the Home thanked us for.  We also had presentations on the Sixth District relief fund and on the importance of fraternal relations by a representative from the Order of the Eastern Star. 
We had to remit several brothers' dues.  Check your dues card and if it says 2014, you need to pay your dues for 2015.
Other announcements were made.  The next Sixth District meeting will be at J.B. Covert Lodge on January 26 at 7:00PM.  There will be a ritual meeting at Emery Lodge in Loveland on January 2 at 7:00 PM.  All members are welcome to attend.  We are going to have an Entered Apprentice degree on Febuary 7 at 7:00 PM.